Can't Bear to Hide: Alpha Werebear Shifter Romance


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 For a regular girl to be the sheriff of a town full of werebears, she needs spunk, grit, and the ability to deal with rowdy drunks eight times her size. 

In the three years since Raine Matthews escaped an abusive relationship by clocking her husband with a baseball bat, she’s been through a lot – she ran, she hid, and she fell in love with Daxon Mark, alpha bear of Kendal Creek. She’s got spunk and grit to spare, but she’s also constantly reminded of a past she can’t undo.

Dax is one bad-boy alpha werebear who takes what he wants, and isn’t shy about bending rules, which has gotten him in trouble more times than he can count. Raine’s calmed him down though... a little. And he’s mellowed with age... a little. But when an old rival resurfaces and threatens not only his town, but his mate? Dax isn’t just angry, he’s mad enough to kill.

With Raine’s darkest shadow coming back to haunt her, and Daxon’s rival breathing down his neck can the love the two of them built survive the hell of their past?

Only one thing is for sure – when she can’t bear to run, and can’t bear to hide, Raine sure as hell ain’t going down without a fight.

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