Birth (A Historical Vampire Paranormal Romance)


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a Historical Vampire Paranormal Romance

Before the unrest of the Civil War, a young slave girl falls in love with her Master's son. Emerald is enamored with the liberal young John Adams. After the war Emerald and John create a warm life for themselves. A life that is free from segregation and discrimination. Their serene life is turned upside down when John is nearly killed on a hunting trip with his older brother William. John and William learn that they were infected with vampox. They are now immortal vampires with an undying thirst for blood. With this curse, John vows to preserve his human bloodline, therefore preserving his humanity. With this gift, William embraces vampirism and the power it commands. Being a vampire doesn't change the brother's emotions. It magnifies them. As a vampire William is still envious of his younger brother John. John has everything William craves, his human family and his beloved Emerald. William will do anything and stop at nothing to get what he wants. Vampire William always gets what he wants. 



REBIRTH (Book 3)

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