Before you judge me try hard to love me


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 A deep novel - with a personal dedication from Rev. June Juliet Gatlin, Michael Jackson's spiritual advisor.

When Michael Jackson died, millions of people were affected and many felt that there was something strange around his death. In this book you will have intimate insights into Michael's personal world, for the first time in the form of a novel, and perhaps find a new answer.

This is about the moving spectrum of feelings behind his dramas - taking into account his spiritual interests, but above all the question as to why ... why did he of all people have to experience disasters of this scale?

The touching and poignant story of Michael Jackson as the emotional story of his life: nuances that are so often and readily omitted by the tabloids, his thoughts, feelings, fears, especially in the last two years before his death - are based on details, facts and background knowledge of people who knew Michael personally.

Michael always said: Before you judge me, try hard to love me.

This is an important piece of truth about Michael – share the thrill, read the book, gift it, review it, criticize it - give the truth around Michael Jackson a chance - let the true Michael live! 

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