E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce Technologies


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This book provides you with an in-depth introduction to the field of e-commerce. We focus on concepts that will help you understand and take advantage of the evolving world of opportunity offered by e-commerce, which is dramatically altering the way business is conducted and driving major shifts in the global economy. Chapter 1 and 2 discuss about the basic concepts of e-commerce and e-business strategy. Chapter 3 describes different types of e-commerce technology. This chapter also tells us about the emerging e-commerce technology innovations. Chapter 4 depicts various types of e-business models and markets. Chapter 5 discuss about the mobile electronic commerce. Chapter 6 tells about the mobile commerce, mobile enterprise solutions and ubiquitous computing. Chapter 7 tells about the security parameters used in e-commerce and fraud issues and why protection in e-commerce is required. Chapter 8 depicts payment system used in electronic commerce like smart cards, micropayments, e-checking, mobile payments etc. Chapter 9 ensures about the E-Commerce Regulatory, Ethical, and Social Environments. Electronic commerce and m-commerce is a business model in which transactions take place over electronic networks, mostly the Internet. It includes the process of electronically buying and selling goods, services, and information. Certain EC and m-commerce applications, such as buying and selling stocks and airline tickets online, are reaching maturity, some even exceeding non-Internet trade volumes. However, EC and m-commerce is not just about buying and selling; it also is about electronically communicating, collaborating, and discovering information. It is about e-learning, customer service, e-government, social networks, and much more. EC and m-commerce is having an impact on a significant portion of the world, affecting businesses, professions, trade, and of course, people.

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