Just One More Time


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Just one more time is an account of life in late 20th century rural Britain. It is presented as a collage of poetry, describing ordinary, every day events and images in a thoughtful, occasionally thought provoking and often humorous way. It is biographic in layout, written in three parts, so the reader can catch his breath! Part One: As we grow. Describes images and events of baby as he develops into, first through childhood and then through his teenage years. Watching, copying and mimicking is what baby does best. Actual events begin to play more of a role through childhood, and interactions with others become more important to the teenager. Part Two: Before its too late. Reveals the attitude of the adult, always rushing to get things done! The young adult is enthusiastic, rebellious finding fault in many aspects of local and national government policy, which in his view is found wanting. Such as in his view towards the control of the individual, environmental pollution, statesmanship and seeming war mongering and mankinds inability to cope with helping the developing world and control the News power barons and bankers and financiers. The mature adult may continue on his various crusades, but mellows as he takes on the responsibility of raising a family, and sees that the way things are organized, still have their faults, but begins to accept the world for what it is. The older adult is free from family dependency, and develops a realistic if somewhat cynical view on life, but is opinionated amongst his peer group. Part Three: The older adult becomes elderly and more and more pre-occupied with preparations to pass into the next world, if it exists! Memories become more important than events and sometimes interactions. But dont take it too seriously, enjoy the poetry and keep smiling!

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