Once Upon An Academy: Books 1-3


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Once Upon An Academy there were three girls starting at an academy for fairy tale characters... 

Enter a world filled with nobles and royals as the students of Grimm Academy try to stop their prophecies from coming true. Encounter Rapunzel as she goes up against a foe she's known her whole life, Marigold as she discovers whether or not she can trust a frog, and Zerrin as she fights the nightmares haunting her, all while they find their shot at romance. 

The Once Upon An Academy 1-3 includes: 

- Tower Of Thorns: A retelling of Rapunzel 

- Lilies Of Loss: A retelling of the Frog Prince 

 - Glints Of Gold: A retelling of Rumplestiltskin 

Once Upon An Academy is a fantasy fairy tale academy series with sweet m/f romance subplots. 

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