Perchance to Dream: Dragon Sin #1 (Dragon Shifter Romance)


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Romance finds a way to cross worlds, and for Caitlin that couldn't be more true when fate drops her younger self onto a heavenly body filled with magic. Her stay is short, but the memory of that strange adventure, and her handsome protector named Asher, remains with her when fate again comes calling for her, and the world of her dreams becomes the reality of her life.

Caitlin's guide among this new fantastical world is her old protector, Asher, who himself had never forgotten the brave young girl in his charge. He swears to return her to her home, but as she learns more about this new world and the man with whom she has a past, she begins to wonder if that's what she truly desires.

As luck would have it, Asher's mission to send her home takes a detour when his help is urgently needed elsewhere. Caitlin offers to go with him to see more of this new world, and together the pair learn about life, love, and how a little magic can bind together old friends, and new loves.

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