Integrated Computer Technologies in Mechanical Engineering


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This book presents the proceedings of the 2019 International Scientific and Technical Conference “Integrated Computer Technologies in Mechanical Engineering” – Synergetic Engineering (ICTM’ 2019). The ICTM was established by the National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” to bring together outstanding researchers and practitioners in the fields of information technology in the design and manufacture of engines, creation of rocket space systems, and aerospace engineering from around the globe all to share their knowledge and expertise.

The ICTM’2019 conference was held in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on November 28–30, 2019. During the event, technical exchanges between the research communities took place in the form of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and special sessions. In addition, participants had the opportunity to forge new collaborations with their fellow researchers. ICTM’2019 received 172 submissions from various countries. This book features selected papers offering insights into the following topics:

  • Information technology in the design and manufacture of engines;
  • Information technology in the creation of rocket space systems;
  • Aerospace engineering;
  • Transport systems and logistics;
  • Big data and data science;
  • Nano-modeling;
  • Artificial intelligence and smart systems;
  • Networks and communication;
  • Cyber-physical system and IoE;
  • Software Engineering and IT-infrastructure.

The organizers of ICTM 2019 made great efforts to ensure the success of this conference. The authors would like to thank all the members of the ICTM’2019 Advisory Committee for their guidance and advice, the members of Program Committee and Organizing Committee, the referees for their time and effort in reviewing and soliciting the papers, and the authors for their contributions to the formation of a common intellectual environment for solving relevant scientific problems. Also, the authors are grateful to Springer, especially Janusz Kacprzyk and Thomas Ditzinger as the editors responsible for the series “Advances in Intelligent System and Computing” for their valuable support in publishing these selected papers.

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