E-Commerce and Web Technologies


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The International Conference on E-commerce and Web Technologies (EC-Web) is a mature and well-established forum for researchers working in the area of electronic commerce and web technologies. These are the proceedings of the ninth conference in the series, which, like previous EC-Web conferences, was co-located with DEXA, the International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications, which, this year, took place in Turin, Italy. One key feature of EC-Web is its two-fold nature: it brings together both papers proposing technological solutions for e-commerce and the World Wide Web, and papers concerning the management of e-commerce, such as web marketing, the impact of e-commerce on business processes and organizations, the analysis of case studies, as well as social aspects of e-commerce (to understand the impact of e-commerce solutions on day-to-day life and the new opportunities that these behaviors open). The technical program included 12 reviewed papers and two invited papers. Each paper was reviewed by five reviewers, in order to select only the best quality papers. The program included five sessions: “Security in E-Commerce” (with two papers), “Social Aspects of E-Commerce” (with two papers), “Business Process and EC Inf- structures” (with three papers), “Recommender Systems and E-Negotiations” (with four papers) and “Web Marketing and User Profiling” (with three papers). We found the program interesting and we hope participants and readers feel the same. Furthermore, we hope the attendees enjoyed the conference and Turin. June 2008 Giuseppe Psaila Roland R. Wagner

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