Harmonia's Kiss


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Enchanted for thousands of years, the shape shifters known as the Dragon's Tooth Warriors have awakened to find the world a vastly different place. Their leader, concerned for their morale, dares to take them on a mission to confront the fullness of everything they've lost.

Little does Drake realize that this dangerous mission will give him a renewed purpose. And if they succeed these Pyr will have to question everything they thought they knew about the past—and confront a quest for the future.


This short story evolved out of an out-take from Whisper Kiss and features the Dragon's Tooth Warriors. Because I liked the original scenes, it grew into a short story in its own right. It has romantic elements but is not a romance in itself. I recommend reading it before Whisper Kiss. It is available on its own in this digital edition and is also included in Here Be Dragons: The Dragonfire Companion.


The Dragonfire Series of Paranormal Romances

Each Dragonfire Novel is a complete romance, but you would probably prefer to read them in order to follow the story of the Dragon's Tail Wars, the final battle for supremacy between the Pyr and the evil Slayers. The series is complete with fourteen stories.

1. Kiss of Fire (Quinn and Sara)

2. Kiss of Fury (Donovan and Alex)

3. Kiss of Fate (Erik and Eileen)

4. Winter Kiss (Delaney and Ginger)

5. Harmonia's Kiss (a short story about the Dragon's Tooth Warriors)

6. Whisper Kiss (Niall and Rox)

7. Darkfire Kiss (Rafferty and Melissa)

8. Flashfire (Lorenzo and Cassie)

9. Ember's Kiss (Brandon and Liz)

10. Kiss of Danger (a Dragon Legion novella featuring Alexander and Katina)

11. Kiss of Darkness (a Dragon Legion novella featuring Damien and Petra)

12. Kiss of Destiny (a Dragon Legion novella featuring Thad and Aura)

13. Serpent's Kiss (Thorolf and Chandra)

14. Firestorm Forever (Sloane and Sam, plus Drake and Veronica, and Marcus and Jac. Yes, this book has THREE firestorms and is the big finish.)

The three Dragon Legion novellas are also available in a bundle called The Dragon Legion Collection.

There is a world guide in the works called Here Be Dragons: A Dragonfire Companion.


Keywords: dragon, dragon shifter romance, destined mate, action adventure, urban fantasy romance, dragonfire, romantic comedy, scars, outsider, loner, military, warrior, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Donna Grant, Thea Harrison, Jennifer Ashley, Christine Feehan, Lara Adrian, G. A. Aiken

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