A Touch of Love


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As they sat talking, Jerry took Kathy's hand in his. When she turned to look at him and tried to pull her hand away, he smiled and held her hand tighter. It made her feel good inside, something she hadn't felt in a long time. Kathy and Jerry are two people living two very different lives. But after a chance meeting at an afternoon baseball game, instant attraction sparks, and both are left to decide if they will choose to seek out God's answers for their future or continue down separate roads. In A Touch of Love C.A. Cavanaugh presents a story of hurt, disappointment, bruised lives—and the love that conquers all. Can Jerry convince Kathy that God will take the broken pieces of her life and make something good for the both of them? Will Kathy forgive herself and allow God to work in her life? Join Kathy as she examines her sordid past and questions whether she's the right woman for Jerry, a man called of God. After A Touch of Love, their lives will never be the same.

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