The Rhythm of Heart


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The rhythm of heart generally resembles here the movement of words which are directly connected to every reader's heart which have to coordinate with the emotions being heartbeat of every person. It is a collection of all raw thoughts on life, emotions , social topics and facts about ones life in the form of poems, shayaris, quotes, stories, articles, tales, which can resemble anyones thoughts or life. This book illustrates the creative soul's sayings where you will find mystery with madness and imagination filled with different psychologies of different writers It can stand at a perfectanthology with different pieces of writings merged to reflect life experiences and present it all over filled with beautiful thoughts representing the power of words. These book is compiled by Pratibha Jain and published by Dead of Writes Publication. Pratibha started writing to express her unexpressed emotions and took her passion on a very great height by presenting 42 writers in this book and being a path for these writers to spread their thoughts largely.

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